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Fern leaf
creating unique spaces...
...inspired by nature

As Landscape Architects, we understand exterior design is more than an applique of plants. Quality site design involves a strong understanding of hardscape materials with detailing that complements and withstands our

northwest climate. Planting design is more than just greenery. It is an artistic composition of form, color and texture.

We recognize the value of the landscape as a first impression to your guest or visitor.

It is your portrait to the outside world. Connections to nature enhance community health and wellbeing.

Our exterior spaces provide areas for solitude, respite, play, entertaining, and urban living.


artistically integrated site architecture
Taylor 28_raingarden_LRes.jpg

“The remarkable creativity and dedication to sustainable design resulted in an important new space spanning the public and private realm at Taylor 28. This innovative streetscape design demonstrates a fresh way to think about urban place making – one that combines private benefit and public enjoyment. The artistic attention to detail throughout provides an organic and active environment, catalyzing a new era of streets as open space in our city.”    

— Lyle Bicknell,

City of Seattle


“T. embodies what it means to be a partner - she is a pleasure to work with and consistently goes above and beyond expectations to ensure the continued success of our project.   Her technical expertise, creativity and collaborative style has made this design process enjoyable and inspiring. It's clear she is passionate about her work and I cannot express enough appreciation for the dedication and attention she has given to our community led project.” 

— Kaley Bender,

Friends of the Trolls Knoll

At Studio 41, we will work with you to

design site spaces that provide for meaningful places that enhance the environment and seamlessly

serve as an extension of the architecture, interior spaces, and neighborhood context.

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